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CONSULTING -  Three of our main assets at Stewart Entertainment are our knowledge, relationships, and contacts.  Our consulting service provides artists with a development strategy that is unique to their business plan while using our knowledge and contacts to maximize their efforts.  We start with a short introductory call to get as many specifics as possible, and then set up a meeting to discuss in further detail.  The main benefit to artists is that they get the same guidance and input that we would with our full-time clients but on an hourly basis. For more information about the consultation packages, CLICK HERE . For questions regarding consultations, email To book your appointment, click the button below!


PUBLICITY -  We have 2 packages for publicity support. The 1st is a micro-focused strategy that is known as tour publicity support where we are working to drive ticket sales around the shows.  The 2nd is a macro-focused strategy that aims at National/International press outlets. Please call (704)-408-2115 or email for quotes. 


BOOKING - We are very selective about our booking clients. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression so it needs to be a good one. Only artists with a proven track record and strong support teams are considered for representation.  If you would like to be considered for representation, you may set up a phone call with the email below. Please send us your best marketing materials, and tour history for review with all the numbers on last years annual live revenue gross to  

MANAGEMENT- We are even more selective about our management clients as it is truly a business partnership and the services are very time intensive.  Only artists with a proven track record and strong support teams are considered for representation. If you would like to be considered for management, please send an email to the address below with your strongest marketing materials and we will discuss how we can help you maximize your business. 

Connect with  if interested in our management services. 


PUBLISHING - Want a team of staff to proactively pitch your music to Music Supervisors and Producers within the TV/Film industry?   Submit your material to us for consideration.  We are a proud affiliate publisher with ASCAP as well as BMI.  However, we can work with any performing rights organization to get you a licensing or synchronization placement. We work as a Co-Publisher to help you organize and manage your meta-data, find publishing outlets that suit your needs, and then find additional non-exclusive co-publishers to scale up the catalog.  


If you are a company or individual looking to license a song from one of our clients you may start the process by filling out this form: CLICK HERE

If you are an musician and you would like to have your music pitched for licensing and synchronizations, please fill out this form:


Logistics & Coordination, Tour Management (National & International), Tour Advancement, Budget coordination, and Travel Manifest. 


If interested in tour advancement and tour management, email



Newsletter and Street Team Development, Newsletter Distribution, Social Media Management, and Data Analysis. You may send an email to for pricing, scope, timing, and other specifics.

Drone Services - Stewart Entertainment Agency is proud to announce that we have registered Commercial Drone Pilots that are now offering Drone services for all types of events inside and outside of the music industry!  That's right!  Concerts, Music Videos, Aerial Photos and Videos, Weddings, Marketing Videos, Real Estate, Corporate Events, Inspections, behind the scene footage, crowd capacity flow, mapping, and much more! 

If you have questions, please let us know via

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